The Mindful Movement App

Built with AI,  based on neuroscience.

Most people have bad posture that causes pain over time. MiraMove trains you to move, breathe, and think in ways that will keep you full of energy for life.

The Dark Side of Your Desk Job

Here are the shocking realities…

Movement is the key to an energetic and joyful life.

Guided Wellness, Anywhere

Balancing your wellness journey can be challenging, with MiraMove, you’re never alone.

Mira offers you personalized wellness and meditation routines from real experts, straight to your smartphone.

Discover the Future of Wellness with MiraMove

Immersive Personalization

Embody a virtual avatar through our AI-driven customization.

Transform Your Living Room

Transform your living space into a mixed reality wellness hub.

Balance Mind and Body

Deepen tranquility and focus with mindful movement.

Your Journey to Wellness in Three Easy Steps

1. Download App

Sign up for a free consultation. We’ll help identify your wellness goals and show you how MiraMove can be tailored to achieve them. Kick-start your personalized wellness journey with the right direction and focus.


2. Embark

Dive into your customized wellness routine, powered by AI to match your unique needs. Balance home-based exercise and meditation, and start seeing improvements in your physical fitness and mental wellness more efficiently.

3. Thrive

Become the best version of yourself. With MiraMove, experience reduced stress, improved focus, and uplifted mood. Embrace a healthier lifestyle and enjoy enhanced mental well-being in your day-to-day life.

What Can You Do With MiraMove?

To get all this and more…



"Mind AND Body! Finally."

MiraMove is the holistic approach to wellness that everyone talks about, but doesn't exist. Until Mira!
London, UK


My session left me feeling invigorated, centered, quite eager to take MiraMove home with me.
London, UK


What really stood out to me was how the Mira made it so simple to incorporate both physical movement and mindfulness simultaneously.

Did you know?

Moving more means better mental health.

Transform Your Wellness Journey with MiraMove

Reimagine Wellness with MiraMove: An AI-advantage to reach your wellness goals.


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